A driving force for some, and a hinderance for others. Fear is, and remains, a catalyst for many; an emotion difficult to cope. It looms above our heads, inside our hearts, and deep in our stomachs causing horrendous psychosomatic symptoms to play on hypochondriacs’ imaginations. Never a dull moment in a day dashed with fear. […]

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Phoenix And Ashes

Time passed. Too much time. As if almost a century, or even more. Untouched and unchanged. Nothing deranged. A moment of pause, trips of wonder, flights across the globe. Tales too many to tell. Trekking this way and that. Devouring all cuisines familiar and unique. Familiar faces seen across the globe. And new friends who […]

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Focal Point: Grandmothers

Grandmothers are more than a wife, or an old woman (certainly don’t ever call her that). Grandmothers share wisdom, tell stories, give comfort, or rally great strength. Grandmothers help a family in need, providers at heart. A grandmother bestows trade secrets, gossip and whispers. She hears all, and tells all. She is the keeper of […]

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The idea of leaving never sits well with me. People come, people go everyday. At work, in a group of friends, even in line for coffee. We move seamlessly in and out of other’s lives. Only as fragments of memories. Some say goodbye. I still prefer till I see you again.

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Happy Fourth of July

I sit here, in my room, fan oscillating. It’s well past midnight, meaning it’s July 5th in Korea. However, in the USA, it’s the Fourth of July. It’s amazing to think a day can create such zeal. Such nationalistic pride. We wave our flags, light sparklers, have barbecues, and watch fireworks light up the sky. […]

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Books: The Greatest Weapon

Volumes upon volumes, fiction books, nonfiction books galore. My younger self adorned these testaments of time. Knowledge carriers. Imagination makers. Books bring knowledge; a tactile experience. A screen cannot duplicate the real touch of paper, the smell of an old book, a painful paper cut. The words bound are words of yore, stories and folklore. Words […]

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Seven Words

Seven words. Seven wonders. Thousands of words construct the English language. Some original, most borrowed. A melting pot of the world’s languages. Yet, to choose only seven words is daunting. Though I’ve unknowingly chosen mine. My seven words are: Stay humble, work hard, and be kind.  Read More