3 Months

Now the time has come. I am 1/4 of the way done with my contract. It is crazy to think I only have 9 months left. I feel like the entire year will zoom right by. It has become quite scary to reflect, to think, and realize how fast life has gone.

Knots in the stomach.

I have been struggling with making material fun for the students. The elementary students are quite fine, and sometimes can be easy to entertain. They have energy and are more willing. Middle school is incredibly hard. All of my lower level classes are quiet, and do not wish to participate. Sometimes I am happy to have my bratty middle school kids, because they talk. I have 13 classes (today soon to be 14 and I see these classes twice a week adding up to 28 classes overall). Yet my 5 elementary classes and 1 middle school class participate. So more than half of my classes are really….lackluster. How can I motivate these students?

I know they don’t wish to be there, but if I try to be exciting or do something, and I get no response, how do I even? I was already told middle school is a different beast; just have to roll with it. I am glad one of my middle school classes is fun (the other class that could be fun I accidently made boring with a bad paper topic…so hopefully we can get through that quickly…next week I want to finish it and move on to debate).

Overall I do love my job. I am learning a lot about myself. However I truely miss university and the exposure to knolwedge and thought.

To occupy my time, I must stop using social media (except on updates like these) and I shall read, study language, and do some art. Yet, there are not enough hours in the day.

Just not enough.


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