Jay Wanders

In the past few days, I have been thinking. As most people my age do, we think of the future: our job, family, and the life we set outselves to achieve. Yet, for some, they are unsure of where to go or even where to begin.

Like myself.

I am unsure of the direction for my career. However, with each day, I lean towards a creative department of self expression. Regardless, my view on life has become that of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

 — ‘Life is a journey, not a destination.’

Each day I remind myself of this quote. To every day, is a day of growth. A day of learning. We all must accept this fact that: we do not know everything. Things are uncertain. At times we wish they were not, but we must let this go and continue on our journey. Towards the unknown. And accept what comes. Dispose of what is toxic and cherish what gives up life.

Heres to me. A chance to change towards my personal goals. Not my goals of a career, but to a healthier, balanced, and full life. We all derserve what makes us happy. Our life is in full circle. When we keep things we hate, then we hate ourselves. Inversely, when we keep things we love, then we love ourselves. A full circle.

Achieve what makes you happy. Do what gives your life fuel. Wander through this vast space that is our world.

Dream. Discover. Learn. Grow.

My project positive begins now as I wander through life and the world. I hope the best for everyone. Let us live, laugh and love. Together.


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