Discover & Wander

The world is a place of mystery. Vast landscapes, deep oceans, and high plains make up our beautiful world. Yet, some refuse to acknowledge or recognize this beauty. While others, wish to discover Earth’s secrets and meaning. How can one acquire this knowledge you may ask? Well, the best way is heavily disputed amongst individuals far and wide. However, the concept remains the same; discover your own path of happiness. That’s it. Simple enough right? Yet, how can something so simple be so hard to obtain? To retain? Indeed, the idea of happiness is culturally constructed. One person’s happiness is not always the exact of another. We all wish for certain and absolute happiness. Some wish to feel even a slight glimmer of it, in search of everlasting bliss. Therefore, this blog exists. A space for my own thoughts through life, laughter, and love to be documented, read, analyzed, and shared amongst the populace of the world. This blog is a space of self-discovery and introspection as well as adventure and learning.  Along with my own self discovery of who I am, and a spiritual, and extremely personal, journey, I hope you can discover insights within these words, and discover the fuel for your life.

In order to begin this documentation of my life, I wish to introduce myself. The name given to me by my parents was Jason. A name my mother had always loved and said she would give to her first born son. This name was bestowed upon me well before my creation. Yet, the name reflects within me its very definition: healer. I guess one can say my desire is to be a healer. Not in the matter of medical or doctoral healing per say, but in the way where I can assist others in the their own life’s journey. I digress. Regardless of such a name, I have always been a quiet child. Waiting for others to talk first, never to act without thinking. No, no never. I am the polar opposite of my twin brother. Loud. Talkative. Always leaping without looking. We are quite the dichotomy. My brother: loud and outspoken. Myself: quiet and reserved. Yet here I am, typing my thoughts and feelings, quietly, but having the ability to freely express through words of great power. In sum, I have remained a quiet listener, always waiting for an opportune time to speak. Some call it consideration. Others call it strange. I refer to it as: me.

Flash forward to the present day, I have begun to blossom. I was a timid little bud, yet now my colorful petals are blooming. However, my rooted ways of quiet demur and conservative nature still exist. Always contemplating. Rarely acting first. I guess one can say my heads are in the clouds, or my mind is elsewhere. Thinking, waiting, wishing. Continuously in dreams of my own creation; in wonder of the future. Reflect on the past. Thoughts may cause great strife, but they are the fuel of life.

Without thinking one cannot be.
To hope, to wish, a chance to be free.
Enjoy life full of laughter and glee
Sail onward my friend to the open sea

If you are lost, friend do not worry
Time heals all strife and calms all fury
Life is not a race, try not to hurry
Be calm, be peaceful, be strong my deary



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