Ramblings: Graduate School

The last dead week. The last final. The last day of an undergraduate degree. These posts flurry across social media platforms as students prepare to graduate from university. They are ready to move on to the next stage of their lives. Yet, for some, school does not stop after receiving a B.A. or B.S. in school. No, for some they extend their education further. Enter graduate school.

For many, the requirement to obtain a higher, higher education diploma is mandatory. Scientists, doctors, and other specialists require further training, studying, and exposure before launching themselves in a desired field of medicine, or even scientific research. Yet, for those who studied in the realm of social sciences and art, the need for a graduate degree, to me, becomes a questionable debate. In some cases, such as museum studies and post graduate degree required fields such as professors, education coordinators, and more, do require a secondary or tertiary college degree. However, those who do not aspire for such positions, what worth is a graduate degree?

The major issue with any form of higher education is the cost. How can a single person pay for an education that can cost as much as a car, or sometimes 4 cars? The promises of scholarships, grants, and other forms of funding are limited to a select few. For those who cannot gain the “free” money, they have to take out loans. How can an education system, which promotes higher earnings, cause economical problems for those who wish to succeed? No longer can someone get a part time job and pay off college on their own. People can spend years paying off their student debts, and hope one day the loans can default.

Another issue is choosing the field of study. Most individuals who wish to obtain a Master’s degree wish to further merit their abilities and job prospects for higher positions in their field of choice. However, recent graduates sometimes choose programs only because they could get accepted. It’s mind numbing and stressful to rely so heavily on a piece of paper to determine an uncertain future.

In my case, the issue is not only money, but also the area of study. Each day I wonder what will I study; and each time I lean towards a subject in the arts, or social science. I know I won’t be a scientist or brain surgeon, let alone a computer engineer or software developer, those fields do not interest me at all. I have been debating about what my field of study, which school to attend, and mainly, when would be the right time? Would the perfect time be now due to the sluggish economy around the world? Or would the opportune time occur later in life, after trying different work fields and narrowing down the possibilities of a future career?

There are too many thoughts in my head, and  I cannot narrow down or make up my mind. The hardest decisions are the ones you make for yourself. That I know for sure.

Any advice or words would be welcomed ❤

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.


3 thoughts on “Ramblings: Graduate School

  1. As a person that is in the same exact situation, I can’t exactly give you advice but I can give you something to think about. It seems that all I have been reading is older people talking about it being hard to go back to school. I figure, if I can find a way to pay for it now I might as well go and get it over with. I just applied to have the option and now I am probably going to attend…
    good luck!

    1. Thanks. Yes I have heard that it is hard to go back to school. On the flip side, some people have said it’s not too difficult if you have the drive and can juggle both. I guess it depends upon the person, but I know I don’t want to invest money in something that I don’t find interesting or albeit useful, even in just dinner conversations, in my life. Good luck to you! 🙂 kick butt!

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