Liebester Award


I have been nominated for Liebester Award, the blogger who nominated me was livingwithbenji, thanks! ! (Check out and follow his blog: This is a great idea, and a lot if fun! Hope you will join and participate.

Here is the thing. The person I was nominated from are gonna ask me ten question. And the persons I’m gonna nominate gonna answers ten questions I’m going to ask.

Official Rules:
#1. Each nominee must have under 200 followers
#2. Thank and link to the nominating blog
#3. Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
#4. Nominate 10 blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated
#5. Write a post containing the questions and include these rules in the post.

LivingwithBenji questions.

1. If you had one wish granted, what would it be?

This questions is super hard. I’m not entirely sure. Well actually, have enough money so I can travel the world, take photographs, write, and draw for the rest of my life (with occasional visits from friends and family haha)

2. What is your favorite quote?

Stay humble. Work hard. Be Kind. I write this after every blog post. It speaks truth. Also by J.K. Rowling:

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

3. What do you do beside from blogging?

I teach in South Korea, I also (try) to study languages (currently Korean), and I draw or play video games. But mainly I lay around and eat and go to the gym.
4. If you had a band, what would the name be and why?

The Masons. I think masonry is a fine occupation, but even better as a band name. Just because. (I’m not a musician).
5. Where is your dream travel destination, and why?

pffft. Can I just say the whole world? Okay. One place. Probably anywhere with a nice beach. . so I guess tropical islands like Fiji. Even Australia will do.
6. How do you get motivated?

Remember I can’t give up and I also go to the gym.
7. Dogs or cats, why?

Cats because they are independent creatures that do not need to be walked and they eat whenever they want. Furthermore, cats rule the Internet. Basically.
8. Where do you live?

Currently I reside in South Korea. I am from California, the central valley to be exact (in Northern California).
9. Why did you start blogging?

To practice writing and see where my writing goes.
10. What do you want out [of] blogging?

I want to be able to communicate and write with other people. Hopefully gain some insight from others, as well as share my travel and life experiences with others. Also just to stay sane. Haha.


1. What do you do daily?

2. State one negative thing about yourself. Describe it in detail about why it’s bad. Then keep writing till you make it positive.

3. Do you like taking selfies? If so why? If not, why not?

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

5. If time was slower, would you get more stuff done? Or procrastinate more?

6. What rhymes with your name?

7. Do you enjoy seeing live plays? If so, when was the last one you saw? If not, why?

8. List your favorite 3 books. Do they have similar themes?

9. Do you like Mexican food or Japanese food?

10. Would you marry someone who was bald, or someone who got a hair transplant?

Nominees: (make sure to check this blogs out!)


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