The freedom of navigation pertains on the navigators desires. One cannot freely navigate without will. The will to expose themselves to alternate realities, daily rituals or social scripts outside, or beyond, the normative structures experienced prior. In the case of life, each individual navigates down the roads, the twists and turns of fate, to decide which path creates a fruitful future. Yet, the outcome remains unknown. Each searches for an answer, but will it be the one the navigator sought after? Will there be disappointment or shame? Two styles of navigation of life: freedom and control.

Navigating through life cannot be simple, but yet many wish for it to be so. For even myself remain lost in a forest. Compass broken. Shrouded in a mist. Unable to the any road before me. In such a situation, panic surfaces. Fear swells through the body, from the brain into the stomach. As the fear increases, health stability decrease. Light headed. A sense of entrapment. These result from losing ones way; anxiety towards an unknown future. Many people attest possible theories and solutions to resolve life’s issues. Some say life is too complex to control. People must let go of inhibitions, fears, and doubts. They must live freely and simply. People cannot control everything in life. The lines of fate and destiny intertwine individuals and paths,  together or apart. For this forward trajectory cannot last forever, an end in certain death. We are born to die. To grab and ride forward, towards the sunset. Live with no regrets, and channel their efforts towards a happy end.

Yet, others disagree. To them, life is something to be taken ahold. Instead of living freely, they contain and control what is to be controlled. An attainment of personal desires, tangible items, and the solid facts of life. To live, we must work. To love, we have to be loved. To win, we must control our lives in pursuit of stability and safety. A penny saved is a penny earned. A penny spent, gone it went. These futurists stockpile, save, and prepare for future. Even after their passing, the legacy continues. Through kin, friends, businesses, and more, a person’s life does not end when the body ceases to live. A body, a name, can stay immortal in the tangible. Assets, items, heirlooms. For the memory of a person is left longer than the memories of the person remembered. Through these actions, a person can remain alive for years to come.

Neither is better than the other. For both contain important aspects, and aspirations, for an individual to live their life. Stability or spontaneity? Freedom or control? A balance of both remains desired, yet remains difficult to meet. An idealistic point of view for a perfect balance. Yet, without the option, some wish one over the other.

Two opposite views on the aspects of life. To live in the moment, or to live for the future. Which would you choose?

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.

The Creative Theorist (Jay)


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