Be simple

Be simple. A friend once told me these words. Not once, but many times. In fact, I hear this simple, yet memorable phrase, at least once a week. However, I like to think of myself as a complex person. Or serious person. Maybe a bit of both. Or a lot of both. Either way, a phrase as minimal as “be simple” cannot resonate enough advice than ever. Too many times I create complicated situations for myself. Or rather a snowballing effect occurs. Sometimes, rather, I generate more excuses than necessary to avoid a certain task. When in fact, the task is less effort than making excuses.

I feel I wrap myself up in my head. Thoughts speeding kilometers a second (yes kilometers) without a possibility, or time, to decipher them all. Or rather, dreams rushing through my synapses. The what if, or the what could have been scenarios. Instead of acting upon those dreams, I sat. Or now I sit rather. For all the hours wasted on thinking, if I acted, what can I do? Certainly I seek to fulfill some deep seeded desire. What that desire is, is still yet unknown.

I cannot for certain express my thoughts as striving for a “minimalist” life. Rather, I wish to clear my mind, and the space I occupy. For clarity arrives in clean spaces. Now pardon me as I sip some tea, and figure what to throw out and what to keep. Trying to live simply, is not so simple after all.

Stay calm. Work hard. Be Kind.



3 thoughts on “Be simple

    1. Yeah. I have been feeling more at ease after trashing so many things. I don’t need so many items or “comforts of home” I feel. Do what makes you happy, right? Bad stigma or not 🙂 Also love your blog name!

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