Itemization: Lists and Schedules

Since we were young, school systems and others institutions have taught us how to itemize our time. Schedule books, planners, notebooks, and other stationary items fulfill these desires. A somewhat gold standard towards success.The idea  with good planning comes good results. I mean, people make grocery lists, even bucket lists. List after list we make, in an ever attempt to cross them all off. For what? A sense of accomplishment? A sense of purpose?

The need to complete a task  repeats in children’s’ minds  through their homework assignments, sports practices, and other activities. Children become trained little soldiers, albeit future workers. Show up on time, no punishments, Show up late, one can expect a detention. The idea of setting a limit, or a time frame, developed through these lists. A list can tell you to complete your report by 11am, before your lunch date with mother at 1230. Don’t forget your ballet lessons at 3pm, right after your geography class. Kids and adults are busier than ever. We try to fill every moment of our day, list after list, activity after activity. How can we even cope with such stress? One cannot even know.

Though recently (well not sure how recent since I notice issues rather late), blogs and other forms of digital media have lists of their own. Lists on living your life, or doing something. The how to articles, the healthy steps to success. The 13 steps to create happiness or 10 things girls need to do in their lives, these posts litter the Internet. I mean I could make a long list of them. For what reason? Lists are a great and short way to issue information. The “blocking” of texts in lists allows readers to easily figure one from another. For me lists are easy to skim. There is a bullet point to read, and if it’s something worth while, one can read it. If it’s not, then one passes to the next number of the list.

It’s as if people can make a list to live the perfect life. Maybe there is some truth to these lists. Maybe not. Success rate depends on the person, and for some people love their lists. I probably will one day write my list on life or breakdown a routine I successfully integrated into my life. If lists help pass on information, then so be it. However, I still feel apprehensive.

The schedules which mold and contain their lives, a sense of safety and stability. Me, however, well I’d rather live life on the edge. I can go out and buy milk, and why not so cookies too. Yeah, I live for those unplanned treats.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.



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