Strings of Life

Nothing is ever certain.

Nothing lasts forever.

I think most people know these two truths to life.  Each moment, though felt the same, has different experiences. Work will always be work, and school will always be school. The difference is on the daily activities of work, and the academic level in school. The routine is something seemingly almost certain and forever. Yet, really, some other trajectory, or different variable, potentially can askew an everyday occurrence.

Take, for example, a drive to work. Sure the drive to work is, essentially, the same route, driving in the same car purchased from a new or used car lot. However, each commute is different from the last. The time of departure will vary, as well as upon arrival. While driving, we won’t see the exact car, or exact person twice. Even in small towns, a person will look different in the day, and a car will have slight, or sometimes microscopic, irregularities.

The featured image of this post is an example of the shifts of time, space, and life. Even though we walk the same path, into the same set of strings before us, the result will always be different. Yet, minor. The first passing may result in strings tangling together or waving from left to right. On the other hand, a second attempt results in no tangled strings, and instead, a large divergent gap between each one. To me, these strings are a dialogue about even if we take the same steps, more often than not, the result will be different. Excluding acts of laziness, or other habitual and perpetual habits people fall into.

Most things in life are never certain. Just live life simply. Yet, it’s rather a difficult thing to do. The complications and irony of life.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.



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