I have not felt exhausted in a long time. For once in a great while, I need 10 hours of sleep. Monday proved as a taxing day. For not only a two-hour bus trip to and from Seoul city, but the addition of work, and the gym added to my physical and mental exhaustion. I feel as though my steam is out. I can barely pick up my head. My eyes are heavy. My eye bags are now designer. How can I go on?

Mental and physical exhaustion is common. Though the extent and level of exhaustion varies from person to person. For me, I am not one who can rebound quickly after multiple days of high stress in a row. I need a break. At least a day or two. Maybe even a week. Sometimes I wonder why doesn’t everyone in the world get one special week off, where we can relax at a beach, or some place serene. Instant transportation to paradise. Or why cannot people use sick days for mental exhaustion, or can’t there be a special set of days for “I am too exhausted to care, so I need a day off.” Can’t those days exist?

I think the old sentiment of working hard slowly dissipates from my generation and the next. We realize money does equate to happiness, personal satisfaction does. The balancing of work, school, personal life, etc is more difficult than ever. We have calendars in our phones, on paper, and ever a calendar in our home or office. We constantly have appointment after appointment, task after task to complete. However, we would rather not have to stress over this balancing act, at least I don’t. Even with social media devices, we haven’t figured out how to end this exhaustion, rather it has slowly increased.

An article on LinkedIn stated (I can’t find the URL) that Americans are working more than ever. They commute farther. They have less time at home. And I say, for what purpose? People are working themselves to the ground to give even the most basic necessities for themselves and their families.  Wages increase.  Yet, prices still rise. Hardship and struggle remain the same, or I would argue have increased. Yet, the younger generations, it seems, wish to change that. We want many things, we demand many things, other generations would say. We want these privileges. We are whiny. Some call us the selfish generation, but is it selfish to care about our health? Is it selfish to care about our happiness?

I don’t think so.

Truly, this feeling of exhaustion is unavoidable. Yet, the factors on the exhaustion are different. Are we exhaustion after a hard day of work, or are we exhausted from doing something good?

What do you think?

Stay humble. Work hard (within reason). Be Kind



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