Simple Things

Always the simplest things impress me. I’m not blown away by grandeur, or really wish to acquire any sort. Though I dream and imagine, for grand mansions, exotic homes, and all other extravagant things, I sometimes wonder even if I really get the wealth to own such things, will I? However, golden tapestry, ornate decorations are not something I wish to own. Rather, I would like to have a minimalist style. 

The current trend for the past few years, I guess, is minimalism. Whether the trend is still sizzling hot or not, I enjoy the idea of minimalism. One of the websites I have stumble upon was The Minimalists. I enjoy their philosophy, and thoughts about the ideas living with less. Though, let’s be honest, people can build storage bins to make their space look minimalist. I remember my grandparents home had a ton of storage bins with games, books, and many other items all around their home. Even my mother’s home, stacked with travel pictures, random souvenirs, and many other dust collectors, thrives in clutter.

Aside from the home, cafes, restaurants, and stores popped up, even in Seoul. The picture presented in the headline is from a new concept dessert cafe. The entire store is white, and the utensils are simple.The dessert’s flavor was amazing, and refreshing. However, the use of unpolished wood is probably not the best idea for taste consistency.White and sharp woods look so clean, but to keep this store clean presents a challenge. Sometimes, I wish I studied design and architecture.




Slowly I am eliminating my unwanted items, since I have to move back to the United States within the next year. It’s hard to throw away things I have purchased. I feel like I am throwing away money. Yet, I have to realize I must give away, or toss, these items. It’s for a reason. I can’t take everything with me home, and the amount of stuff suffocates me.

The idealized simple life. Perfect white walls, clean woods, and lack of clutter is something to strive for, yet daunting and nauseating. Some criticize the style, while others praise it. I for one believe among the chaos and clutter of our lives, we should seek refuge in minimalist places; breathe the emptiness, feel light, bright, and free from life’s burdens.

I just wish life were sometimes this simple.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.



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