Travel Planning

This post is not well thought out. I mean, I don’t really have a lot of time now. It’s past midnight and I must wake up early to attend my morning Korean classes. One part of my day today involved a tentative plan of my goals. I guess since I feel I don’t control my life to a great extent, a few lists can streamline what I want to carry out in my life. 

These goals may not seem realistic to some, but for me, they are. I devised lists. Well not really lists, but more of diagrams. The ones from elementary school to raise funds for a school campaign or charity. They kind of look like thermometers. Ring any bells (school pun)? Anyway, I drew a few today, and I assigned dollar values to the diagrams. Each diagram has levels of accomplishment, broken into 7 brackets, or blocks, with a goal in each one. The titles are as follows:

1) Asia and Oceania Trip

2) North American [Road] Trip

3) South American Trip

4) European Trip

5) Graduate School (Major not yet determined)

6) Personal Savings

I mean, frankly, the plane tickets will probably be more than I project. This may seem like a fruitless task, and really there is no time limit as to when I will carry out this feat. However, I figured with my contract’s term ending in the next 7 months, I should figure out my goals and dreams. Furthermore, the act in saving for graduate school will take more time. Also, I will try my best to apply for grants, fellowships, scholarships, what have you, to deter some of the burdens of the costs (Here’s hoping). The later is a personal savings, where I do not touch any of the money. Call it a reserve fund for emergencies.

As people have said when they get older, the thing they regret is not traveling enough. Well, I hope to work hard and do these 5 things. Even if I can’t do it perfectly. Or to the extent of my wish, I can at least say I did something amazing. Something I will never forget.

What are you dreams? Aspirations? Do you have wanderlust? Right now, I just want to pack my bag, and go.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.

The Creative Theorist

PS: For those wondering on the lack of the Middle East or Africa, due to internal conflicts within the regions, I did not include them on my list. For now.

PSS: Now that I got my “fun” life plans settling, what about my “serious” life plans? Hmm.. . .


4 thoughts on “Travel Planning

  1. It’s never a bad decision to spend some time travelling. It definitely helps more than doing some silly jobs just to get life going. It’ll also help you in your career later on 🙂

      1. You’ll never have as much time for travelling as when studying or searching for the right spot to work at. Taking this opportunity is the only right decision 🙂

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