Focal Point: Change

The tides of change flow around us. Air currents wisp up our hair. Dance on our skin. We feel the cold breath of winter, and the heat of summer. The tides in water circulate. As water currents act like the blood in our veins; a movement of water. The source of life and maintenance of nature’s balance. The movement of life. For change runs this world. We should not stand against change, but embrace it.


Life invites challenges. People cannot carefully hand select life’s outcomes as easily as we select songs, or movies on Netflix. A push of a button. A swipe of a finger. We have the power to change outcomes based on our moods. Instant satisfaction. I am guilty of such actions, a terrible movie replaced by another in one click, or skipping to the next track on a playlist. Yet, in life, we must live with the choices we make for minutes, months, or a lifetime.

A big change happened in my life when I decided to live outside the United States for the first time in my life. I decided to move to South Korea. At first, the thought of living abroad scared me. However, the closer my departure date came, the more excited I became. The first trip to the Land of the Morning Calm was for study. I registered for my class, booked place for 3 months, collected documents for my visa, and everything else. The entire 5 months of my semester abroad left me wanting more. I had applied to teach English in Japan. Even with my acceptance in the program, I opted for South Korea [story coming soon]. So, instead of settling back to a routine stateside, I opted for South Korea. After almost 2 years (1 year and 8 months exactly), I am ready for change.


Now, I do not regret entirely my experience here in South Korea. I have traveled across the country, to Japan and Thailand. I made many friends, and explored a culture other than my own. However, the exciting essence of this country waned. Furthermore, I believe teaching students English in South Korea is not my final career destination. Sure, there are many people who stay for many years. They live happy and fulfilling lives. Some even marry, buy a car or home, and settle down. Maybe pop out a few kids.

That’s not exactly for me. Not in South Korea.

So what’s up next? Well, as of this moment, I am not sure. Aside from my future travel plans [see earlier post], the road is open. There is no end in sight. A worrisome sight, but at least the road is open. The path is long and endless. Tough terrain may lie ahead, but my feet have grown stronger. A dense layer of thick skin protecting my bare feet, as I walk forward towards a new beginning.


Let’s be honest though. It’s quite scary changing and starting over. It’s not easy. Even if my words sound positive, and slightly pretentious, it’s better than staying stuck in a rut. The only thing I can do is look ahead, and prepare for my next move. As tides change with the seasons. So do hearts. I guess my heart has opened up to the roads of possibilities. The daunting, and scary, number of possibilities.

Stay humble. Word hard. Be Kind.



5 thoughts on “Focal Point: Change

  1. You are not alone. You are not the only one who feels the fear and uncertainty. But, that’s life you need to take the risk in uncertainty that might leads you to a better one.

  2. It’s normal to feel itchy in a foreign country after a few years, however positive the experience. You’ll know when you’re ready to settle. But even then, it not may be forever and ever. Teaching English is a skill that can take you wherever you want nowadays. Take advantage of your youth and curiosity and go for it. But no need to do it the hard way: plan ahead, contact schools or organizations in other countries and take the plunge only once you’ve figured out where you’ll be landing

    1. Thank you for your thorough comment! It puts me more at ease. Yeah, I should take advantage of my youth. Though family back home have conflicted interests. Yet, I feel that the world is changing so much, a steady track job is hard to find. Research shall put more light in the tunnel.

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