A Name

Everyone has a name. What a general statement. Regardless, names are given to people, pets, cars, and other person items. Yet, somehow, social media and business names are quite difficult to conjure up.A name should be unique and stand out, but also be memorable and simple.  I’ve read multiple accounts, and receive some friendly feedbacks from others, stating the name I have chosen is a bit too complicated. Currently I like my name The Creative Theorist. However,  I feel the purposes behind the name do not reflect its meaning. Travel is what I want to write about, but The Creative Theorist sounds like a design based blog. Or even philosophical questions about life.

So I wonder, shall I change my blog name to something else, or create a travel focused blog instead? I do like my current, but the image is different. The other name I have thought of: Jay’s Away.

So, dear readers, what do you think of this blog’s name? What about the new name Jay’s Away?

Also, I would love to hear about your blog names. Please tell me why you chose the name of your blog. Happy writing. : )

Stay humble. Work hard. Be Kind.



8 thoughts on “A Name

    1. I agree. These posts have a depth Beyond “travel” (too commercial sounding) and Jay’s away’s like someone’s absent… I’d keep it for at least 6 months, you can alwyas morph into something else (that’s what I may do)

  1. Okay I see…
    In my opinion, actually you are doing good too in Random Life Reflections post. 😀 You can do both Travel + Random Thoughts. Some bloggers here in wordpress are really versatile bloggers. They are not only focus on one topic. It’s good to be versatile because you won’t limit yourself in writing. My suggestion is you must have a certain title of yourself as a blogger.

    Me, I am a Film and Book Reviewer. Generally, that my label as a blogger coz most of my blogs are about that. But, I also do Photography, Travel, Fashion and Poetry Blogs. 😀 I think it’s okay.

    Regarding the name of your blog, I think it’s okay. Don’t change it. It’s unique. That’s all. 😀

    1. Thank you! haha Yeah I guess for versatility its fine. I shouldn’t narrow my options so much and what not. Just thinking about feedback I have received from others, but meh. Haha! I won’t give up this name of course 😉 I like it tooo much. But thank you very much for your long comment! 😀

      1. You are welcome… Alex Pettyfer!… ooppss.. I mean, Jay! ^^~
        ( Umm.. Sorry..I’ve mistaken you for being Alex Pettyfer.. Just in case you don’t know.. you look-like Alex Pettyfer.. (Google about that actor! 🙂 )

        Yeah I think you should go with being a versatile blogger. It will lead you to more possibilities here in the blogging world! 😀 No problem with the long comment. Glad to help. ^^~

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