Destination Desire

There’s something in the fire of my heart. A desire contained. It burns passionately, and brightly, even on the darkest of nights. The passion, the thoughts, the dreams glide through my mind. Images flash of triumph. Success. A desire wishful of an accomplished reality. Standing atop ancient monuments, or among natural beauty. Places to see with my own eyes. 

I desire destinations. Not clothes, nor cars. Keep your houses, and gadgets for those seeking them. For me, world, give me your destinations. Places of wonder, places of history. Grant me access to the white sandy beaches, the snow topped mountains, the sprawling plains and cities abound. Allow me to meet the people, you Earth, support each day. I, too, wish to speak in tongues, to exchange of ideas of life and happiness. I wish to consume the foods grown, cooked, and served in each city and town. To learn how each tastes, to know the differences across cultures. I wish, world, for people’s acceptance. The acceptance of contrasting ideologies, to shape a better world. For that dream, we must travel.

Travel opens minds. And opens hearts. We see the world for what it truly is. Not something on the screen. Not from stories told by others. Just through our eyes, we can see the realities. For me, traveling to South Korea opened my eyes to life on another continent. People live their lives, work jobs just back home. So, why would I stay inside my bubble, working, at home when I could live abroad and experience something new? That, I say, is why I am here. Yet, its time to see more destinations. To learn and see more of the world.

Some say its the process of the journey, and not the destination. For me, the destination holds the last key. Sure, the journey leads to insights, and lessons, not learned from one place. Yet, the destination holds the final epiphany. We see people from all walks of life. People citizens of a country, part of a culture. As different as life may seem, it truly is not. Every person has dreams and desires. They have shopping lists, bills to pay, mouths to feed, and people to love.

I desire to get on a plane and fly anywhere. See the people. places, and foods of the world. That is what I want the most.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.



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