I guess, since we were children, adults assigned the idea every person in the world has purpose. It’s recited to each child today. We are capable of greatness; to do many things in our lives. Yet, some are left out. Their purpose left as “insignificant” or “less” than another’s existence. Some downgrade these dreams as fantasies; unobtainable goals. These pragmatic individuals snuff out the fires of passion. They believe people should work any job to live, and enjoy life later.

And to that, I say, balderdash. A purpose exists for someone’s desires. If one desires to travel, to paint, to restructure the financial centers of the world, or create clean energy, then that’s their purpose. Their desire. For me, and for this blog, its purpose is on travel, thought, theory, and sociocultural concepts of life.

Now to the point. The purpose for this blog, The Creative Theorist, shall focus in the realms of provoking thought on life, such as world events, philosophical inquiries, and issues on travel. The purpose for The Creative Theorist is to share ideas and experiences with the world to create discussion. A personal journal is not open for others, and I would rather share my story.

Also, for readers, to possibly gain some courage to try something new. Maybe travel to a new country, or even a new city. If my blog can help people not only think and dream, but to fulfill those dreams, then these words shall not be in vain.

Moreover, the issues of travel I wish to discuss are not just the price, but the access to travel and my experience. For example, the rise of affordable hostels made traveling more affordable, and accessible , to larger socioeconomic divisions. Yet, are the number of tourists, in certain countries, on the rise?  This explanation, to me, seems rather academic. Though it excites me to explore these concepts.

I would love to connect with you readers. Share your blogs, so we can share our stories together. Maybe even do some collaborations on creative projects, or discussions about travel.

Finally, I hope to accomplish personal growth, within this blog, and within myself. The more I write, the more confident and better my writing will become. Furthermore, I hope to start to raise my voice, though videos, to show myself I am confident.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.



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