Passing On

Death shatters. It tears hearts. It leaves nothing in its wake. Shattered and broken, we are all fragile. Beings capable of greatness, yet fall and topple without effort. Emotional chaos. I started this post with the intent of writing something. However, news of a friend’s passing block my attempts. It’s one of the most difficult, and frequent, times in our lives. A death. A friend or relative, the person does not matter. The effect is the same. 

If you have someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. Or someone you love close to you. Spend time with them. Make that phone call. Make that connection. I challenge everyone to do so. And please write a brief explanation of what happened. Cherish those before they are gone.

Here’s to you, my friend. I love you. I will miss you. You will always be in my heart and mind.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be Kind. Cherish loved ones.


PS: For Day 3 blogging challenge, I am following these topics and blogs. Check them out!

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6 thoughts on “Passing On

  1. Wishing you the strength to journey on. Yes, after many of the people I hold dear left me (they did not pass away, just that we’re miles apart), I learned the importance of cherishing them. With things like Facebook it is now easier to stay in touch though. Nonetheless, nothing beats the time physically spent together.

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