Seven Words

Seven words. Seven wonders. Thousands of words construct the English language. Some original, most borrowed. A melting pot of the world’s languages. Yet, to choose only seven words is daunting. Though I’ve unknowingly chosen mine. My seven words are: Stay humble, work hard, and be kind. 

Remain humble. It will take you far. Do not boast or exaggerate. Keep calm, and stay true. For humble beings go far. Extravagance, riches, or pride will not win hearts. A humble heart connects hearts. And thrives. Remember less is more, and more is less.

Work hard. To meet a dream, we must work hard. Yet, not in the common sense. Hard work differs from person to person. A bank clerk, or a baker. To a construction worker, or a home maker. We each have duties, each have responsibilities. For as long as we succeed, we shall bear fruits of our labor. The taste sweeter, and richer, from our toils.

Kindness.  Since grade school teachers taught to share, and care.Sharing is caring. Treat those how you want to be treated. For what goes around comes around. If we give kindness, we shall receive it. Be kind to friends, family, strangers. Be kind to the fields, the mountains, the Earth. We must plant these seeds. Kind gentle seeds. Nourish them to grow. And expand forward to others. A gentle gesture, a smile, one at a time.

It’s hard to follow these words. I’m not perfect, but its better to try, than to not. So in the end:

Stay humble. Work hard. [And] Be kind.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”


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