Books: The Greatest Weapon

Volumes upon volumes, fiction books, nonfiction books galore. My younger self adorned these testaments of time. Knowledge carriers. Imagination makers. Books bring knowledge; a tactile experience. A screen cannot duplicate the real touch of paper, the smell of an old book, a painful paper cut. The words bound are words of yore, stories and folklore. Words from others, to nurture and grow thought.

Books captivate. A first line, the first chapter. The hook, line, and sinker. Pages of letters or characters, produce words to sentences, and sentences to stories. Stories of life, of death, and everything in between.

As I child, I remember reading books. Countless young adult stories from various authors. The required readings in school. Soaking them in, word by word. In high school, I joined a book club. Expanding my vision of novels, of fiction. However, university brought new responsibilities and life changes. My life spiraled into different directions. I felt lost and confused. The bindings of a book could not help me. Neither could I escape the grasps of internet social media. I guess this tirade began after the bird of my social media presence.


Prior to social media, I spent much of my time playing video games. Albeit too much. Long nights wasting away to complete virtual missions. Yet, I still read books. Though Harry Potter considerably more so than others. I discovered my favorite authors, the likes of Amy Tan and others. Yet still, reading always fell to the wayside. Other “priorities” took place.

What am I getting at? Well, I’ve decided to read more. I want to turn off social media, spend less time on my computer and phone, and crack open a book. Now I’m reading The Devil in the White City; a story about how the World’s Fair changed Chicago, and how a murder ran rampant. Definitely outside my usual taste.

When was the last time you opened a book? What are you reading?

For if time swept by, it’s best to pick up again, a familiar journey or new, inside the pages, of a book, story, or what have you.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.


PS: My favorite novel is Buddha in the Attic written by Julie Otsuka.

Image: Deathtostock


8 thoughts on “Books: The Greatest Weapon

  1. hi you’re back with one of your thoughtful blogs! it’s normal to go through periods of less reading. Or no reading, like many women who go brain-neutral for years when they have small children. But it comes back. You can have fun & also learn lots with well-researched novels and even thrillers, the book you’re reading is a good example (did you read my late May post on Expo?). For your life, choose what’s important on social media, cut out the fluff….Anyway, I’ll look up Julie Otsuka 🙂 bye for now

    1. Well someone, what’s your blog? Haha. Yes indeed. I am trying to cut out the fluff and find out the core of what’s important. I guess everyone gets caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, or the routine of things, and sometimes forget to really relax, sit back, and read. Even just for 10 minutes. 🙂 until next time!

  2. I just completed college and have decided to read a couple of classics. I started Pride and Prejudice yesterday and am loving it.

  3. I’m curious about Buddha in the Attic can you give some short synopsis and your opinion about it? 🙂

    I am currently reading “I kissed dating goodbye” by Joshua Harris.

    1. Buddha in the Attic is about the immigration of Japanese women to the United States. She discusses the struggles on all women, in all regions, of migration. She doesn’t have a central focal character (as in an individual). Instead, she focuses on the core of the Japanese women, and their diverse experiences in diaspora. 🙂 I will look that book up!

      1. Oh I see… sounds interesting.. Maybe there’s discrimination too… Hmm.. I am thinking that it’s about religion because of Buddha in the Attic title..

        Ah.. Joshua Harris is a good author.. 🙂

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