Happy Fourth of July

I sit here, in my room, fan oscillating. It’s well past midnight, meaning it’s July 5th in Korea. However, in the USA, it’s the Fourth of July. It’s amazing to think a day can create such zeal. Such nationalistic pride. We wave our flags, light sparklers, have barbecues, and watch fireworks light up the sky. The sounds banging and echo mirror the battles to win the USA’s independence.

I’m not historian, but I do know nationalism. It’s an interesting cultural phenomena. Truly. Millions of people gather together, spiritually, physically, mentally, to celebrate their home country. The birth of their nation. For the USA, it’s the 239th birthday for the nation. For a nation so young, the United States propelled itself forward, almost exponentially. No one can deny its influence in popular culture, economics, and more. I wonder how the founders would feel about USA’s image today?

I looked up the USA, and search engines pulled up a few destination cities and points of interest. Of course, New York City and Los Angeles at the top, along with cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Orland.The mighty Grand Canyon as well as Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks dominate the points of interest. Our nation has a vast variety of places to visit, and things to see. For a nation so large, we could easily be multiple countries. Since states are essentially countries. Each with its own unique cultures, and sub cultures.

Though our nation struggles socially, there have been many strides. Yet, sometimes its a one step forward and two steps back scenario. I hope one day, the USA can solve its social issues.

Those thoughts aside, I wish to say Happy Fourth of July everyone. Light those sparklers, enjoy the grill, and celebrate our nation’s birthday. Let me sit here in my room, keeping the South Korean heat and humidity at bay.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.

The Creative Theorist

(Photos from Snapwire)


9 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July

      1. You’re welcome! haha.. I like the sun effect toward the camera as it signifies how bright july 4th is.. ^^ amazing.. really creative.. ^^

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