The idea of leaving never sits well with me. People come, people go everyday. At work, in a group of friends, even in line for coffee. We move seamlessly in and out of other’s lives. Only as fragments of memories. Some say goodbye. I still prefer till I see you again.

The idea of a permanent goodbye resonates death. We say goodbye to people when we leave them. Depart in separate directions. Isn’t this a bit much? For their physical entity still exists. It’s not like someone moved to the moon (though across the world is close enough). Today’s technology allows people to connect beyond borders. Across time zones. Instant access to news feeds, snapchats, texts, email, the list goes on. We have such much connective power.

Yet, why do we still lose touch?

Moving with the wind, we float through life. The wind carries our seed, our contribution to where we may go. Though wind has many directions, it carriers some further, and others closer to home. The winds also can change. Transforming lives for better, or worse. As we ride this wind, we move away from others.

Photo from Death to the Stock Photo

Phone calls become sparse. Texts infrequent. No longer are Christmas cards enough to keep friendships. There’s an app for that, or social media. Once a year. A friendly reminder, we are still “together.”

I guess it’s an emotional departure. We moved on in our lives. No longer are we the same person, the same group of people from the same town, or the same school. We became bigger than that. The passage of time changes our hearts, challenges our minds, and creates, essentially, new beings. Our self changed too much to go back. It feels like a backwards motion, away from our forward propulsion.

Instead, we are a brief photo, an after thought, in a feed of photos. Life events only seen by a name. A like. A mere shadow, of a person, of a time that once was.

Yet, revisiting old friends can be nostalgic.  By sending a message, to gain a phone number. Ask to grab coffee, or a bite to eat. To meet, and talk o the past. Youth and life changes. Still comfortable, just like yesterday. Its as though time never passed. Everything just the same.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.

The Creative Theorist

(Headline photo from Snapwire)


4 thoughts on “Departure

  1. we lose touch because there are only just so many hours in a day and we’re busy moving ahead! … as you say, becoming another person. But revisiting with real friends IS “as if time never passed”, “shadow … of a time that once was” is the feeling when the connection is no more. And that’s how it was meant to be…

    1. So true/ It’s hard to achieve everything in just a span of 18 hours or so (I mean sleep what a drag). I think I have to learn to manage my time, and to give up on things that are to difficult to maintain. It’s not quitting I think, but keeping my sanity. Yea. I agree. It was meant to be if the connection cannot stay alive…

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