Phoenix And Ashes

Time passed. Too much time. As if almost a century, or even more. Untouched and unchanged. Nothing deranged. A moment of pause, trips of wonder, flights across the globe. Tales too many to tell. Trekking this way and that. Devouring all cuisines familiar and unique. Familiar faces seen across the globe. And new friends who make any place feel like home. Dreams fulfilled, but still craving the skies to soar.

Yet, here I am.

Home again, back to my roots. As if the world itself changed, as did I. Yet home remained. Preserved against time. Faint glimpses of past lives. But for me, I am no longer the same.

It’s a common trope. One returns home from abroad. Completely changed. A change in their mind, open to new thinking, to new ways of life. Almost born again. Like a phoenix, risen from the ashes of the past. Ashes of yore, the soot of before. A phoenix glistening with burning desire. Seeking a greater purpose. A purpose beyond what lies in sight. A phoenix done with the past, vexed with the present, only the future in mind. Passionate desires burning.

An insatiable desire for more.

Stay Humble. Work Hard. Be Kind. And Happy Holidays.



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