Every story has a beginning. A start. A first sentence captivates, and entices readers. A prose, dialogue, a simple word. A beginning ignites a story.  Remembered by the author. And later, the reader.  Yet, for human lives, our beginnings are not personal accounts. Most do not remember their birth, or  recall their firsts. Others do. […]

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My second award! Okay let’s get to the point! STEP 1: THANKS So, C.S. Wilde has nominated me for this award. Thank you dear! Do check out her blog! I mean she’s Wilde. *crickets* STEP 2: MY AWESOME ANSWERS 1) Game of Thrones: Yay or Nay? Nay. I never watched the series. I only could get […]


Passing On

Death shatters. It tears hearts. It leaves nothing in its wake. Shattered and broken, we are all fragile. Beings capable of greatness, yet fall and topple without effort. Emotional chaos. I started this post with the intent of writing something. However, news of a friend’s passing block my attempts. It’s one of the most difficult, […]

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I guess, since we were children, adults assigned the idea every person in the world has purpose. It’s recited to each child today. We are capable of greatness; to do many things in our lives. Yet, some are left out. Their purpose left as “insignificant” or “less” than another’s existence. Some downgrade these dreams as fantasies; […]

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Destination Desire

There’s something in the fire of my heart. A desire contained. It burns passionately, and brightly, even on the darkest of nights. The passion, the thoughts, the dreams glide through my mind. Images flash of triumph. Success. A desire wishful of an accomplished reality. Standing atop ancient monuments, or among natural beauty. Places to see […]

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A Name

Everyone has a name. What a general statement. Regardless, names are given to people, pets, cars, and other person items. Yet, somehow, social media and business names are quite difficult to conjure up.

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